Without Passion

One can ALWAYS capture two outta three, and I can always settle, but will I ever? I’m not banking on it.

So let’s say there’s a good looking, intelligent, “going places” young man, but he’s a virgin with the personality of a bag of potatoes. He better get used to keeping his pants on, if I have any thing to do with it.

I wanted to mold him, into the image of the greatest partner. I’m obviously not looking in the right places. You can’t turn a bitch into a man, for a bitch has four legs and it’s tail between them. A man stands firmly on two.

To call him a bitch is harsh, I guess. but out of all the excuses one can use to explain their downfalls, Any person that uses psychiatric disorders to explain their reason for a flat affect and a lackluster personality is just that.

Because at the end of the day, if we use our personal cataclysms to define who we are, we would never grow, or succeed, or be the greatest version of who we are. We would never persevere, and prove our doubters wrong. We would never achieve our dreams, or be something extraordinary….

We would just be that boring sack of potatoes whos never been able to have an affectionate kiss or embrace. We would live without passion.

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