Lately, all I’ve really cared about is getting laid, and not just getting laid, but getting laid out by an enormous penis. Ugh, it’s just a thing that I’m seemingly more attracted to now that I’ve tried it with someone who rocked the fuck out of my boat.

Big dick is fucking sexy. Sorry. Although I will not deny a smaller dicked individual, but they’d have to work harder than a big dicked individual. 

I mean, once your naked, shit is going to go down. However, I maybe in a rush to get it over with, or not want to extend myself, with a small cocked man. 

Even though I could suck the small ones for hours, the big ones are more fun to blow, for me.

 I will suck the fuck… lemme calm down.

So because I don’t know what who has in their pants, I end up disappointed because I expect top notch shit when I’m first hooking up with someone.

There’s some guys that have been trying to hook up with me for years, it’s weird because I’ve never given them the time, nor will I ever…

I usually don’t re-hook up, as I’ve mentioned in prior entries… Especially after the whole William debacle. Like the same reason why i didn’t want that is obviously still going to be there, this unfortunately I did not realize.

I don’t make the same mistake twice… that is just not a thing. So I try to intelligently decide on the bullshit I would do… 

I don’t know, I usually can’t even tell if someone is attracted or how they feel. I just draw a complete blank.

I’m getting my tongue pierced today, on Friday the 13th. Lol

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