I Think I Make It

I think I make it pretty fucking obvious if I want or don’t want to fuck you. 

Ok so let me give out some of my rules, and after reading them, you’ll possibly learn of the time you’re wasting and quit, or believe that you should keep trying to peruse sex with me because it’s obvious that I want to do you.

First off, I feel as if I need to say this now because of recent events… if there isn’t a “contract” that we are, or are not exclusive, then we are not exclusive. The thing that causes sexual relationships to go down the tubes is assuming. I’ve been one who has done it too, so just know, I’m not looking for any serious canoodling.

Secondly, I don’t really feel the need to fuck someone another time (like months later), if our first setup failed. It’s kinda like the city guy. And I’m saying this now because I feel as if I already made it clear that I didn’t want to have sex after speeding of my candooling with my favorite boy in the whole wide world. Find someone else. We can be friends, but I don’t want to fuck you. I’ve done it enough times to predict how it’s going to go down (the same way all the time)

To add on to that point, sometimes feelings change; especially mine. One day I’m down, but when I get to know the other I’m completely not attracted. 

I have three things that have to be a thing…

1. I must be physically attracted.

2. I must be intellectually attracted (their personality must align with mine)

3. This person has to exude some type of success or be headed in that way (in my opinion)

If any of those three are missing. Shit won’t work. No 2/3, .667 does not equal one; this isn’t mathematics. 

If it takes you 5 years to get an associates degree in art, you need to stop. Lol

So stop trying to rekindle, please. Right now I want nothing, but like two… but I’m gonna just say, for anything foreseeable, I’m not looking or wanting anything physical or emotional. Kthx

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