Working Witchu.

Ok so, the virgin and I had our unhonorable departation.  Before I look like a fucking cunt, I’m going to give the backstory on why I said this to him in a nutshell because I don’t believe that I’ve said anything about this…

So sometimes randomly, this kid will text me saying “sorry I’ve been so distant” and crazy shit. We weren’t in a relationship, we hung out twice. We hardly talked really at all. 

I started to feel weird, like maybe his feelings were deviating from the sexual relationship I wanted (with a virgin, I’m an idiot. Lmfao, I thought I could mold him, idk the fantasies were nice) 

So anyway, I’d really only ask him questions about math, or tell him about the guy I had a crush on, but I masked it about something else because I wanted feedback. Nothing to feel distant about on my end, I’m not sure what the fuck he thought this was… but dont ever kiss a virgin or fuck a virgin who hasn’t even ever kissed another person. 

I can see how maybe he fell, or something. He’s blander than a bag of potatoes though, I couldn’t really consider him anything . 

So this kid also has really bad social anxiety, and I NEVER ASKED HIM TO DISCLOSE HIS MENTAL HEALTH STATUS OR ANY OF HIS AFFLICTIONS, he just popped right out. He also told me he had ADHD,OCD, SAD, and GAD. 

He took his medication right in front of me during the second time we hung out, and all the alphabet soup diagnosis’s… like maybe this is stereotypical, but I started to believe the nigga was a ticking time bomb. But I thought he was cute so I didn’t care, he was old enough. Fucking almost 21, I thought he kinda would understand. Late bloomer.

I always get stuck with these kinds… anyway, I couldn’t take it anymore the other day and this happened…

And then this happened…

To be honest, I only apologized, not because I felt sorry, but because I knew that this was his First experience. I didn’t want him to go crazy, but everyone I told knew that this kid wouldn’t be able to handle this. 

I don’t know what that last comment about feeling sorry for ignoring me, when I sent him a message, he always replied. We didn’t text much, except if I wanted to be nice (or was bored and wanted feedback). 

He was a potential fuck, and I guess he needs a lot more experience with people PERIOD before he attempts to do that.

Z was right, he would’ve gotten clingy. 

Like duh! 

I do feel really bitchy for saying those comments. I could’ve been a little softer; that was just the way I felt at the time.

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