Achieving an A in a class is about a lot more than studying, doing well on exams, and taking great notes. 

Getting an A shows me that I have mastered all those subjects, and I have been, and will continue, using the things I’ve learned in my walk through life.

I use history to connect the dots between what has happened in the past and how that effects life as I know it today.

I use social problems to understand why things happen the way they do, and why people act the way they do towards certain issues

I use English to communicate in an academic sense.

I use statistics to calculate conditions of mankind.

I use chemistry to calculate bonds and matter, how acids and bases combine to create a protein rich substance, and what new chemicals can be created by mixing pure substances. What a saturated or unsaturated fat really is (unsaturated fats posses a double bond)

I didn’t imagine how wide my minds has opened to new ideas and new things, plus how malleable my mind is with receiving information and putting it to use in and out of school.

I’m proud of myself, and I’m really excited to keep going.

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