Sex & Society

Western society has its little customs that are all encompassing, everyone believes this, and if you don’t… you’re a fucking weirdo.

Men can be open about their sexuality, but a woman can’t even speak on it or they’re labeled a whore. A man can have as much sex as he wants and flaunt it, but if a woman talks about her sexual activities in the presence of men, and she has a lot of it, she’s a slut.

Why the double standard? Why are women held on these standards that men can’t even attain? 

Personally, in my ambiguous nature, I will say that when I’m with my friends, who are mostly men, I talk about sex. If he shares a story, why the fuck can’t I? 

It’s socially unacceptable, but I like sex. Sex is fun; it’s enjoyable. So fuck you, I can talk about it openly and I will have no qualms about it, Bitch.

If that makes me a slut, i feel sorry for you and your outlook on sex. Yes, of course, being timid and non confrontational is a feminine quality… for betas.

I’m a total alpha. I’m a leader. I need to be in charge. I am in charge. If I feel you are wrong or stupid, I’m going to say something. If you don’t like it, you can eat my African pussy from the back. And toss my fucking salad while you’re back there.

Men are intimidated by a woman who takes charge. A woman who is an alpha scares them because societally, they’re supposed to be in charge. If that scares you, you have bigger problems than a bossy woman. Your masculinity is probably the problem.

Dear women,  for the life of me, please don’t extenuate these stereotypes of a quiet woman who does whatever her man says. Get a mind of your own. Speak on your opinions. A woman like me gets the label of “ambiguous” because I do speak up on my opinions and how I feel. I’ll always do that. 

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