So lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into gender and was introduced to a gender spectrum that includes non-binary people.

I find it fascinating how One could genuinely believe that they were born in the wrong body, since I couldn’t really wrap my head around it or understand it…

Then… this morning at the gas station I held a door open for an Older gentleman, mind you, I was dressed overtly feminine. I had a crop top and leopard print leggings on. The only ambiguous thing I had on were maybe my shoes and my jean jacket. This man called me “a wonderful gentleman” and I just felt really unsure about my outfit choice and why he would think that I was a male…

Then, I quickly realized that this is how transgender or non binary people feel ALL THE TIME, constantly.

Some people believe that non-binary is not a gender identity classification, it’s a gender expression label, I don’t know how I completely feel about that. I’m sure it’s possible to feel neither man or woman. 

I took a gender spectrum test, the best one out there. It had 150 questions ranging from automobile choices, how I react to the emotions of others, my assertiveness, mathematical questions, and other “personality” questions.

I scored in the “ambiguous” range. Haha. I feel we all are ambiguous in one form or another in terms of our personalities. But is personally the same as gender?

Guess what, it is and it is not. Gender is A SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION!! Different genders don’t act a certain way, don’t have to dress a certain way, none of that. Society also changes and the characteristics Of certain genders throughout time. For instance, during the 1700’s, it was a regular thing for a man to wear a dress and tights. Who’s to say that this isn’t normal now.

It’s like a person telling a person once they are born that, “oh hey! You’re a boy, you’re going to be a police officer when you grow up.” 

Does not compute.

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