Type A/Type B

As a person who respects psychology and brain chemicals and all that shit, I have something that I must admit.

I believe that there are TWO kinds of people: there are Type A personalities, and Type B personalities.

I’m more of a type A because I say whatever the fuck I want and am filled with my own “intimidating and dominating” opinions. Now, other type A people appreciate others that don’t give a fuck and say how they feel, but type B’s are the type that would rather not say anything and take shit, then exert their opinion.

Now these personalities are usually called either an Alpha (male), Beta (male) personality. Since gender is a social construction, these are personalities that EVERYONE possesses in their individual sexual identity.

Betas aren’t weak, they just aren’t vocal. It’s not in someone to switch from beta to alpha after adolescence either. 

You’re always either one or the other. I’ve noticed that alphas need betas and beats need alphas. Two alphas will never really conincide because there’s too many chiefs. 

Trying to be an alpha reveals ones Beta qualities. So be you. 

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