OMFG, I can’t.

So K and I are going out again tomorrow night. He’s a big fan of the blues… and is taking me to see some blues artist guy at a local joint. Like seriously though, he is so square.

Lacks dimensions and that is possibly because of his lack of sexual experience. I only know one other guy that lost his virginity at 20 and I know that that person was fucked in the head… so there obviously  has to be something a huge miss. 

He seems so excited to see me, but I don’t know. Do I want to take this kid’s virginity? Do I want that responsibility and can I deal with the resulting consequences of being his first time? 

Tomorrow, I’m going to get solid answers on wtf this kid’s deal is. I gotta know.

K vs. Z

There’s a battle, between K and Z. 

Z is winning right now, although honestly, he shouldn’t. I mean, he’s got a girlfriend yet openly flirts and just idk, it’s weird. 

He claims that it’s going bad, no romance (no sex!) and that he’s recently gotten into black women. So that’s where I come in, I’m a little different than “the old ball-and-chain”. We talk ALL DAY… like from the early morning, and speak about a lot of shit. Different than my conversations with will since they aren’t limited. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know I’m not doing shit with a “married” man. I learned my lesson, Arthur.

Then K, goddamn K. K is so sweet and nice and shit, but omg he’s such a fucking virgin. I get a text if a space of time is left between texts to let me know that he was doing something or sleeping. He even texted me today saying… and this is a goddamn direct quote, 

Dude, why? Just why?!