What is Perfection?

Being a perfectionist is not always a good thing. Honestly, more often than not it is a bad thing.

Being perfect is an unattainable goal, and pushing oneself towards that will only make Gaining life goals more challenging. Getting an A- isn’t good enough, strive for an A, freak yourself out too much and drop because you’ve freaked out. 

You fall for someone, but they wear an orange jacket and that is just something deplorable to you. He made a mistake and  will pay for that mistake, by losing my attention. Like, how the fuck dare he?

I wouldn’t call myself your run-of-the-mill perfectionist, I don’t really strive to be physically perfect, or neat with my shit. In terms of education,  and in the way I express myself, I want to be perfect. I want the best career, a career that I love and I want all the money in the world. My issue really is that I also expect perfection, in my eyes, out of everyone else. When they don’t even try, I look down. 

Personality-wise, I really seek a kind of personality that I’m sure I will never find in a man. I’ve seen it in women, I wasn’t complete sexually attracted to those women, but id bang or bring them in.

It’s funny, I’m sure he has way better choices than a woman 7.5 years his senior, but we do have a lot in common. And he is super sexy. I like shy, but he’s way too shy. He’s filled with nerves. It’s a little unnerving to me. Whatever the case maybe, I’ll always find something that’s a problem. In anyone… no one is perfect and I can’t seem to understand that.