I had tons of sex this weekend… What do I want? 

More than that. Like I’m honestly supposed to choose one man to be with forever, right? There will be a day where sex isn’t a thing anymore, if I can see past that, would I still want you?

What are the good things?…

Intelligence, active, opinionated, strong will.

Bad things?…

These could be minor to you, but the over openness about what we do, especially to your friends, you can be a slut and that is fine. But when it is me, it’s different.

I can’t ever know if you are telling me the truth because you can never really look me in my eyes. It’s a little awkward. It makes me uneasy.

Your preoccupation with sex is kind of weird. The world isn’t operated based on sex. And I think your view of the old days and what went down is a little muddled. 

No one can ever tell you you’re wrong either. It’s like you gain a point fighting opinions, like yours is the only valid one. 

I’m afraid. Seriously. Will I produce urinated genetic spawn? Health of the body can be fixed and worked through… Health of the brain will always be a hurdle. 

Maybe I should listen to my brain?

I tend to ignore it when my heart feels something. 

It’s sad when you realize that you’ll never have that perfect view of life, the one you’ve wanted ever since you were old enough to realize… 


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