If You Do Drugs…

I’ve been uber snappy lately. I feel as if sometimes people talk about shit they have none or little business talking about. 

One of my drug addict friends came to me about a calculator I was looking for. He didn’t have the exact one, I told him it had to be a Texas Instruments, then randomly, he talked about suboxone and how I should stop taking it now. 

I told him that I was under a doctor’s supervision and that I’m weening. He kept going on about how he was on it for 4 years, and how he got off, then took it again 3 months ago and is now coming off.

I asked him why he went back on if he knew how difficult it was to come off. He then told me that he relapsed because he was hanging out with bad friends. I asked him where he saw himself in 5 years, still here? Doing drugs with friends who don’t give a shit about you? 

Then, he went on about how he’s better than me because he has a trade, makes 60k a year, and is purchasing a home in 2 years.

I told him that even though I’m taking a maintenance drug, I’m taking a small dose and i have great doctors who have me on a plan. So I’m listening to what he has to say, but he is not better than me. I haven’t relapsed, I’m determined and I’m taking steps to pursue my goals and dreams.

He says, I’m addicted and suboxone will be the death of me. 

Fuck that, I will be the death of me. Guess what, I will not die. So, I’m not sure exactly what or why this person wanted to preach to me, but he doesn’t know my medical history, he doesn’t know shit about me. 

I know a lot about him though, only because he runs his mouth. This is man with 5 DWIS, a chronic drug problem, and nothing to fall back on.

I’m glad that instead of worrying about dumb shit like the opposite sex, drugs, and being cool, I am obsessed with getting my degree. I won’t allow anything to get in my way. I take all the shit talkers and non-believers as encouragement. 

I know I can do whatever I want, however difficult. I’ve persevered through so much, I’m so ready for everything.

Btw, I decided to take chemestry this semester instead of next. I plan on going through to the winter and summer. I will have to take microbio which will probably be my last summer. I plan on applying to nursing programs my last summer if I can, if not, I may need to wait a year. During that, I’ll take more classes.

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