I met this guy at my store who seemed soft spoken and good looking, kinda. Not exactly my type, but who really is? 

So we started texting and all that… we were asking questions and stuff. Mainly him, and I couldn’t stand the fact that he texted in computer abbreviations. God, that shit is uber annoying. 

He told me that he was in school for cardiovascular sonography and I told him that I’m a Bio major but I’m looking to get my doctors in Nursing.  He kept drawing on the fact that we’re similar and telling me that he’s a man I need in my life. 

I totally understand that summer is cuffing season and negros come out of the woodwork to pick up whom ever for whatever reason. 

So, I continued the conversation… Then, he started asking weird shit. Like, do you want kids? And what is your last name? 

Those things may not seem weird to you, but like come on. I barely know this man. Now you want my full government and permission to shoot in my uterus? Like ok, I understand that maybe that’s not exactly what he was getting at but, you allow yourself to get to know a person after you’ve actually hung out and shit. The mega questions freaked me the fuck out and I stopped talking to him. 

He still then sent “so are we seeing each other tomorrow?” No response.

Then, “GM beautiful.” Ugh, if you’re really trying to wish me a good morning, you would type the whole fucking word out. GTFO!

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