I Dream

I had a random sexual dream of Arthur last night and I must say, this is the first time that this has ever happened. 

I first met the sex pot in 2010, and although I wanted to rape his ass the first time I saw him, my subconscious would never agree with that fact. 

But, still to this day, I will suck that dick clean as a whistle. Just saying. It was uber exciting to lick and suck and do all that disgusting nasty shit to.

So lately, I’ve been talking to some black guys. I don’t know though… I just can’t realistically see myself with one on a long term basis. Unless, they speak properly, don’t use fucking computer language in text messages, aren’t uber thirsty to hang out, are able to give me some space (so I can breathe), aren’t trying to wife because let’s admit, I won’t ever be there. At least for right now, I won’t. 

I need to be free. And I need intelligence. Not some falsified shit. If my algebra tutor tells me he’s down, I’d be like hop on, sand nigga.

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