Love & Attraction

Love and attraction are two completely different things. Personally, I get these two confused all the time.

I’ve spoke a little about how I haven’t ever been in love before. There were times where I really thought I was, every time I get a fucking fluttery feeling, I think I’m in love. 

It’s hard for me now to even bring myself there. I’m 27 years old. I’ll be uber old soon and I just don’t see myself ever being able to feel some type of way about someone. 

Anywho, anytime I thought I was “in love” I really only thought the nigga was hot as hell. I also realized that you can think someone is ugly as sin and still be in love with them. This is the biggest reason why cheating’s a thing. We fall in love with a person whom we are not sexually attracted to. We engage in a relationship. Then, we find someone else who is a dime but can’t hold down a conversation worth a damn. We end up fucking for fuck’s sake and breaking the hearts of our ugly partners. 

We prematurely join a union where there is intellectual benefit, but nothing good sexually. You need both if you want real love. 

In another example, you start dating a person that is fine as shit. Personality to boot. Everything is great and you two decide to tie the knot. After that, things get hairy. Mr./Mrs. Significant Other decides that they want to pack on weight now that they’re comfortable with the fact that you won’t leave them. They get fat, you lose the attraction, the love is still there but, you wanna fuck someone sexy. You can barely get your rocks off looking at your significant other’s fat ass. If you cheat, does that mean you don’t love your partner anymore?

To that, I have to say no. It doesn’t mean you fell out of love. You aren’t attracted to them, but you could still love them. Their feelings are something you aren’t really being considerate of but, you still love them. 

Shit sucks sometimes.

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