There Are Two Types of People…

There are two types of people. Those who can take constructive criticism, recognize their mistakes and make changes to not allow those mistakes to affect them negatively, and then there are the type of people who feel as if a truthful but critical comment is an attack. The commenter not being encouraging.

Ok, let me explain this… Yesterday, I went out to dinner with this kid that I’ve known for about 2 years. We work together. He doesn’t work for my company, he’s a vendor. 

So this guy told me he’s trying to buy a house and I was like, oh shit! Awesome! And he just continued to kinda put it out there like “oh, I work at (company), but I can buy a house so…” And I kinda thought he was throwing it out there even before he purchased the house. That’s not a good thing to do.

So then he tells me that he’s stressed because of the closing. I found that that was uber quick. He didn’t really shop around. But then he tells me, closing is in two weeks and I don’t have a mortgage. Before I told anyone that I was getting a house, I would’ve gotten the mortgage on lock. I’ve never heard of someone shopping for a home BEFORE they got a mortgage. But then again, I’ve never purchased a home. So I don’t know. 

Needless to say, his credit score was too low and he didn’t get the house. Now, he tells me that the reason why he doesn’t have a house is because the mortgage lender told him that if he paid off his car, he would be able to get the loan. So he got $10k and paid off his car. He Then, he says that the guy said that he could shop around for a new loan also. So he did, and that dropped his credit score. 

He didn’t get the loan… And now he ‘s negative 10k. He also told me that his credit score was 675 according to one company and 685 according to another and why is it different. I started laughing so hard when he said that.

First of all, and this is what I told him, if you know nothing about lenders, borrowing, and credit, you shouldn’t be trying to make a huge purchase like buying a home. If you really didn’t know that a hard inquiry will drop your credit score, you have no business trying to get an $100k loan. Another thing, he probably got denied by those banks, why not just stop and try and build your credit to where it should be to receive the loan?

But no, because the guy said that to him, he is now planning on suing for the $10k. He still has the car, btw. I told him he didn’t have a case. And he doesn’t have a case, because it’s his fault he didn’t get the loan. He didn’t do his research. 

You think because you can PROBABLY make a mortgage payment, which is not fucking cheap, I help my mom with ours (not much but any bit helps) and it’s expensive. I highly doubt that he makes more than $20 an hour. Very highly. They’re denying you because you have a low income and low credit score.

Stop and work and your shit and try again when you’ve done your research is all I said. And he looked like he was about to cry and told me I wasn’t supportive. I then realized that this kid is a fucking wimp. And that’s when I just stop talking to people like that.

If you take critics gracefully, you’ll be better.

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