White People, Are you ever going to help change my opinion of you?

I’m trying uber hard. Unfortunately, I’m not suprised anymore when I hear news stories of black people being killed because they are black.

Police officers in America tend to find black people more suspicious than white people and white Hispanics. (Supposidly, there’s a difference now between white Hispanics and black Hispanics. Though, only white people make that distinction. Not the Hispanics) So they “have cause” to shoot us more than they “have cause” to shoot them.

So I’m filled with fears, fears I shouldn’t have as a generally law abiding citizen. A fear that when I get pulled over, I have a chance of being shot. So if and when I do get pulled over, I do whatever it is the officer tells me and I won’t move suddenly. In fact, I won’t move at all. 

Not everyone is equal under the law. This week has solidified all of that in my mind, and this is why I will never trust a white person. Especially a white cop.

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