After I said I don’t like white guys, the stinky kid refused to talk to me and it was like shit ok. I didn’t think I did anything too wrong.

So then I was hiding out in the bathroom at work. Sexting and petting my pussy in the handicapped stall then all of a sudden, a handicapped woman walked in! I could tell by her feet. So I tried to jump out of the stall but she was already doing her do in the middle stall. I walked into the last one anyway.  She was splashing all over the place. Meaning, her shit was. 

Anyway, I was like shit… It sounds like a disaster. I’ll wait to come out and wash my hands even though I didn’t even take my pants off to use the bathroom but you have to wash your hands at my job. 

So we came out at the same time which I was trying to avoid. There was shit all over the floor, all over the bowl, on her shoes. Like the shit was crazy. Literally. 

So stinky boy came in cause it was time to clean the bathroom anyway. He probably felt at home with the bullshit. But, the lady tried to escape and saw him and Me there so she came up with an excuse like someone else mysteriously did it. 

I told him No. She did it. After she left of course. And that broke the code of silence.

But since I’ve been talking to him again and trying to be nice because he smells god awful. Yesterday I was talking shit about someone I hate and I was like “she’s fucking fat” and he was like “well so am I” and I told him that boys are allowed to be fat and girls aren’t and that I like husky guys. Husky is the new wave. Trying to be nice. 

And he took that as I, Fatima K. Gaye was feeling him….

Excuse me for a minute while I…


Nigga sniff yourself for a minute. I have a feeling that he’s smelled that poorly forever and just got used to it. He smells like wet pigs being lead to the slaughter. It’s absolutely deplorable. And the smell lingers in a place. It clears rooms out. 

We were in the back and talking about my rude honesty and I told him, I try not to say things to hurt people but if I feel as if you need to know something, I will tell you. He then stepped right behind me and sat like right where my ass was. 

I was like wtf. I had a belt on that day so everyone was like damn that ass. But him, he’s short, fat and smells. Those are three things I can’t and won’t be able to ignore. 

I want to fuck Darius. Obviously. Well not obvious because I never hit him up. But he sells pot and I don’t want to put myself in trouble. Soi’d rather not fuck anyone. Especially Artie. Haha. Well, idk I’ll have sex with someone. The pickings right now are slim. I’m not even that desperate.

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