Maybe I’m Being an Asswhipe (as usual)

It really doesn’t matter what it is I see in and want to do with my future, I just know that nothing will stop me from doing it.

I’ve basically eliminated all distractions that I had in my life the past year. And hopefully will continue to get rid of any distractions that aren’t related to my education.

I would love to go part time or quit all together but, I need the healthcare. So, perhaps they just end up firing my black ass. But for right now, I have no respect for my coworkers. They were who I could’ve ended up being if I didn’t wake the mother fuck up. I see it as sad. Jobs like this, which are stepping stones to other kinds of jobs are not the thing to hang your hat on. 

I tell some people that this place is the reason I decided to go back to school. I just can’t imagine myself doing this for much longer. 

I don’t care how long it takes me to figure my dream. And I know it’s going to take a lot. A lot of hardwork, a lot of dedication a lot of pissing people off.

I don’t feel I’m better than my coworkers but I do wish that the company I work for hired people with Atleast a high school diploma. It’s super obvious when someone lacks an education. Or at least drive the dropouts you hire to get a GED. 

Instead, we have more idiots in the world with no direction, horrible vocabulary and the only hope they have is working here. 

In 4 years, all the bastards I knew from everywhere will wish maybe they listened to me or followed a suggestion I gave them. But, I have to also prove this to myself too and nothing is getting in my fucking way so GTFO!

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