So Just Now

I said something outrageously mean. I think…

I don’t know. My filter doesn’t work very well so you can be the judge…

Jason, smelly kid and I were in the backroom and I was being stupid. Humping stuff and shit. And Jason goes… She’ll hump anything, black white, Chinese, she don’t care. And I said “I don’t like white guys” and he’s like “that’s cause you haven’t dated an Italian.” And I said “uh, they’re like –” meaning tiny cocked.

Then Rocco walks in and I’m like hey Rocco! I-Talian man” and Jason tells him what I said about Italians. And he was like “she’s half Italian” whatever. End of convo.

Then stinky kid starts having an attitude. And said I was mean.

Uh, whatever. Idk. Maybe he’s Italian. Now if he’s cock was giant, he might not have thought I was so mean.

Plus I was half joking. Like get over yourself. Take a fucking shower. 

The day I say excuse me, please or thank you to a white person is the day my hands are folded across in a coffin. I have NO respect for them. None, whatsoever.

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