I Don’t Believe In Trannys.

Transexuals have been wanting respect for the longest now. And although I used to hump a guy whom I thought could possibly be a tranny, (again, another entry another day) I don’t believe in being transsexual.

All it is is a fucking fetish. And I draw my opinion from a few things…

First off, when people like BRUCE JENNER talk about playing dress up when they were children and shit, a lot of kids do this. Some grow out of it, others do not. I do believe in gender identity disorder. Sometimes we feel masculine or feminine, but, let’s not try and act like its a birth thing.

Americans are retarded in the fact that THEY plant those seeds in their kids heads. They say things like “you’re girly. Man up” during the kids development. That makes them believe they want to be a woman. Or man in some cases. When maybe they were just a little gay. You don’t see people in non-western counties becoming trannies…

Notice, how some transgender women date natural men. And some date natural women. But, in the case of transgender men, you never see them with a natural man. Always with a natural woman. 

So all it is is a fetish. Although some therapy can help with gender dysphoria. I do not believe that that’s a made up syndrome. There’s many fucked up people in the world. Obviously your b-rated neighborhood psychotherapist won’t be able to help you with this issue. But hey, at the end of the day, gender issues is also a white man creation. 

I’ll be motherfucking damned if a tranny is using the stall along side me. I don’t give a damn if they can piss sitting down, it’s weird. Hold it in, or go in your natural bathroom. I’m sure weirder things have happened in a public bathroom. Shoutout to George Michael. Pull that foot out.

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