I Can’t Deal

This mother fucking kid smells like shit. It’s so fucking disgusting. 

How do you not notice? Do you not smell the lingering scent of abominable ass? Someone even told him once, straight up, like dog, I need to speak to you like “yeah, yeah, I already know what you’re going to say..” 

How embarrassing? But furthermore, how can you allow the problem to continue? Scrub your fucking ass. White people don’t seem to really grasp the concept of what a true shower is. 

You need a loofa and or washcloth, you need to take a soap or body wash of your choice, and you need to lather it. All over yourself. ALL OVER.

You may need to repeat this action if you really want to be clean. And rubbing some soap on yourself is not what I call a shower. Wash your ass. Wash your ballsack. Rub the loofa on those ungodly sweat demons. Go ahead. Do it. More! 

Now this action is not hard, it’s pretty relaxing. People get lazy, depressed and go without this oft needed excersize. But I mean, you can’t go too long before people begin to notice.

There are plenty of excuse filled reasons why this nigga is stinking up every corner or closed courters he’s in and around. He could have some condition where he needs prescription strength deodorant… (I didn’t even know such a thing existed but…) I’m not sure exactly what this condition is called, Assjuitis? Ok, I actually looked it up and it’s called hyperhidrosis. 

One thing that’s really bothersome is the fact that this kid thinks it’s ok to touch me. Like who the fuck do you think you are? Artie? (Haha jk. That’s for a different entry on another time. )I’m nice to you, doesn’t mean I can get over how horrible you smell.

Whatever the case, the last thing I have to say is: take a long shower. And don’t forget to scrub your balls.

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