I Don’t Wanna

Is it nerdy that all I wanna do on my day off, still without my Franklyn is sit home and watch Ring of Honor? Like shit. I’ve broken my New Years resolution (only man I’d EVER break that shit with) and I just would rather not be distracted by any thing. No meetings, no dirtbags, no fucking smelly ass mother fuckers. K?

Speaking of smelly, this is really what I wanted to get to… I don’t think I’ve spoken about this before. But I work with this kid. Let’s call him Dan. Dan smells like a sweaty hog on roasting day. I’m not exactly sure why this smell happens… Does he sweat? And his underarms haven’t absorbed enough deodorant to mask said sweaty nasty smell? Or does ya boy skip showers in the morning and run to work? But the smell lingers for a moment after he walks away and it puts a tear in your eye.

Listen, I don’t give a fuck if I’m gonna be late or not, I’m jumping in the shower. I also make sure I get up at a decent time to avoid that shit. 

Anyway, so they needed someone to talk to him.  For some reason,  they had Jason do it. If I were they, I would’ve had Rocco talk to him. But, no, Jason was chosen. 

I guess, not sure how, the kid didn’t even realize that he smelled that bad. I wish they talked to him sooner. And had an actual boss talk to him. 

The only thing driving me daily is the hope that after school, I won’t have to work with these idiots anymore. If I don’t get my financial aid taken away from me again…

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