Of Course

I was there. In his house again. He had the Addies. And I had my body and allowed him to absolutely annihilate me. I throughly enjoyed myself. I can talk about anything with him. Like as friends. And he anything with me. It’s just so chill.

That was one reason i liked him so much. And he just gives me all the drugs and sex I want. It’s crazy. His cock is just a true thick medium. OMG.

I just honestly, can help but think he’s absolutely perfect. And I know, it’s bad. I learned my lesson from last time though. I just really can’t worry about him and his life although he tells me about it. I just know that’s what it’s gonna be.

I think he gets jealous too, kinda. I was talking about the car and how it was gonna be fixed, no labor, just parts.

And he told me, he’d be able to do it. And if not, his friend will. I don’t think Artie would blow smoke up my ass. But he did shove his cock up it. And blow a fat load in it. And not give a fuck that I had my period. He ripped the tampon out of me.

I don’t know. He seems the absolute same. He’s really funny. Kinda self concious. He like wants to know he did a good job. I’m sure once I’m not speeded the fuck up, I’ll think different. But right now, I haven’t had sex in like six months and I’ve just gotten horny and I saw him, actually, he saw me, stopped and helped me, and he messaged me…. I didn’t message him. I just knew if he was gonna do that, he wants some fuck.

So whatever. It wasn’t only me that wanted that fucking dick all in my orifices. It takes two…

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