Making Up For SHORTcomings

obviously when a man is undersized in the cock, they have to be able to eat the poontang. Like there is no doubt that that is a thing that needs to be.

Most of the time, big cocked men aren’t well versed in The poon eating. In fact, they expect the girl to do everything to their cocks.

And that is the curse….

This was underlined in red ink when I fucked Big D. I was ultra suprised by his sizzle. Nigga was fucking huge, but for a minute, I forgot who I was fucking and expected him to be able to lay it down. Ha. Hahaha.

Of course to stop the embarrassment he may have felt from my lack of leakage, I got on top of him and rode that titanic like an iceberg. He came super quick.

Then we have the tiny guys…. Whom I won’t mention by name because damn, that shits just embarrassing. But they obviously we’re well versed in eating pussy. Some of them even refused to stop. Even when I wanted insertion. The big reason for that is, well, there’s no pleasure for me in a pencil. 

Cock pictures can turn me on. Especially because I love cocks but there was one that was sent to me that was just disturbing. If I ever give birth to a son (which doesn’t look like will EVER HAPPEN) but, if I do, please believe, that mother fucker is getting circumsized because I’ll be damned if he has phimosis or some weird looking cock.

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