Meeting Niggas at Gas Stations.

So two weeks ago or so, I was pumping some gas in walden, minding my own business of course. Getting ready to go into work and some guy who was pumping near me was all like “are you from around here? I’ve never seen you.” And I was like yeah. But I don’t live in walden, I live a few miles away. Whatever whatever. And the guy gave me his number and stuff.

He wasn’t very conversational through text. In fact, I quickly realized that we had nothing in common except being two negroes in a crackerfilled town.

But, randomly this guy, Emanuel, which is supposedly his name would text to see if I was doing something but it would usually be late and I’m just not the type to go hanging out with a random guy I met at the walden Mobil after dark.

And then he’d text and ask when I was getting off work if I was working and id tell him around 830 so he’d text me again like are you at work? And I’d say no I’m off and really tired and he’d call me. I, of course don’t really ever pick up the phone. 

How do you expect me to have a telephone conversation with you if you can’t even have a text conversation? It’s so weird. 

So forget that guy… Like wtf.

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