Last Time

I got down with Big D (last April) it was a tad bit weird. We were both seeing other people on the side but we just wanted to fuck.

So he picked me up. This was the time where I didn’t have a car so he’d have to pick me up and drive me back home from his house which was a half hour away. 

We had sex once. One move I did just killed him. I didn’t smoke that morning so I wasn’t as horny as I usually was. But idk if was ok. His dick was super huge but once again. He had “the curse”. I was on top the entire time. 

He came during my blowjob which is an ultra sex thing for me atleast. He was nice enough to withdraw in his hands. What a gentleman. 

I know he wants to fuck. He hit me up the other day. I just shaved my kitty so why not?

But he’s also taking a look at my baby, Frank. Hopefully he can figure Frank out.

He might get paid for his hardwork.

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