I’m Done.

I’ve tried to do the pharmacy thing and it’s honestly not the correct gift for me. Even though I’m learning, I’m expected to be perfect and do everything right and be a practical slave.

But I’m realizing that my attention span is super short. I can’t focus. And my mistakes, however stupid they may seem to be for people whom have done this their whole lives is taking a toll on my ass. And I just don’t really like the crackers I have to work with in the pharmacy.

They’re all absolutely nerdy and just not my cup of tea. They kinda remind me of the Caucasians I’ve mentioned before. The ones that have made me dislike crackers in the first place. 

If you really think that white people aren’t racist and that they don’t look down upon blacks, you’re probably white. 

Trust me, I’m careful. And I realize that I’m the only black person over there. Maybe even in the whole morning shift of the whole fucking store. 

It didn’t make a difference until I realized the closet girls I worked with. They’ve never had black people in their company. They don’t have black friends. I bet their parents probably taught them to stick with their own kind. And that’s cool, my parents taught me the same but I still tested the waters. 

Now about my poor attention span, I’m going to see a doctor about that. Maybe he can help…

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