Dude, I Swear…

This chick Katie is one of my least favorite people to work with in the pharmacy. Of course there’s Erin and Melanie, but I dislike Katie. 

She has a very nasty attitude and look on her face. Her husband is obviously a desperate cracker if he shot her club up twice. 

I could only imagine the ugly faces she would make during the whole she-bang. Brutal dude. 

She’s really only nice when you decide to talk about her kids. And she will go on and on about said kids. It’s just so fucking annoying. Like no one cares.

And she asks questions that I want to answer “is that your fucking business, bitch?” I hold back. Because I want to be more professional. But damn. The bitch is the most annoying HO I’ve had the liberty to have to listen to.

I’m working super hard to get my shit together so I can get the fuck up out of this situation. 

I’m working super hard so that my accomplishments can put a tear in my parents eyes. That’s all I want. That’s all I’m striving for.

I don’t want to feel guilt anymore. And honestly, that’s the only way I can forgive myself. The standards I set for myself are uber high and I realize that some of these things I will not ever be able to achieve. But I’m going to fucking try.


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