Talk To When You’re Bored

I have a few guys that I only really talk to when I’m bored as shit. They’re always trying to progress our talking relationship to the next level but I don’t know. I’m not really trying to do that. I guess.

Obviously if we’ve only talked, and not hung out, I’m not trying to go to the next level. 

Whenever I start talking to a black guy and put him in the talk zone like that. It’s because they’re a nerd with no swag. There’s others that even talking isn’t good enough. I’m trying to be more open to it.

I’m the type of bitch that burns her bridges. Once you get on my bad side, there’s nothing you could really do to get back.  I’ve gotten most of what I could or wanted out of you. I don’t really see anything else. Oh well, burn baby burn! 

…though I’m really trying to stop being that way.

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