If It Looks Like A…

If it looks like a faggot, and it talks like a faggot, and it has queer ass faggot hand motions like a faggot, it probably is a fucking faggot. 

I’ve started to breakdown the characters of each of the girls I work with in the pharmacy. Even though they were fake, it was easy for me to pretend and be fake too. Even though it eats me up inside.

Anyway, I have the co-worker Melissa. She has kind of a ‘tude sometimes and this is why I’m about to cut her ass. I try to control myself in person.

Melissa is dating Evan from the front end but when I see or hear that nigga, my gaydar goes fucking nuts. Evan has to be gay. I’m not quite sure why Melossa hasn’t noticed his flaming ass hand and body motions. Or maybe she has noticed but she’s so thirsty for dick that she’ll risk getting aids or anal herpes. 

All the more power to ya, girl. 

Since day one, I’ve separated myself from my co workers. No, I don’t want to hang out with you. No, I’m not eating fucking lunch with you. No, I’m not talking about my personal life with you.

It’s kinda funny that I’ll post it on this blog for strangers to see. Shows how much I trust the people closest to me. Or the folks I’m around daily… Haha.

I think the pharm girls take offense to this. But, we don’t have much in common ladies. 

They, the pharm girls, have been working together since my store was the thruway market. I, on the other hand, have only been there for less than two months. Excuse me if I’m not your best friend.

But back to Melissa’s gay boyfriend. It’s super obvious that he’s flaming but it’s almost like she doesn’t see it. Or maybe she doesn’t give a fuck.  It’s weird hearing her talk about her and Evan’s escapades cause it’s like “Dude, that nigga is gay.” 

Denial is not only a river in Egypt. Sometimes we live by it. And day after day it flows over us. Instead of drink we drive in and swim. It’s pretty bad.


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