The Problem Area

  A girl with a large problem area.

As black people, our waking up in the morning to get ready is a lot different from others. Especially the black woman, such as myself.

I tend to take my showers at night because my morning consists of rushing. And I’m almost always able to sleep in a little bit if I do shower at night. 

This post is about way more tha. My showers and how I get ready in the morning, this post is about how black people get ready. 

Anyway, we shower and we (most of us) moisturize from head to toe. I like my Palmers Cocoa Butter but different people use different things. 

Now I’ve noticed a phenomenon, typically on the black man that turns me right the fuck off. That phenomenon is The Problem Area.

Now Negroes, I know you know what the problem area is, but let me explain this for the white people (if there is any white people reading this, I couldn’t understand why they would).

The Problem Area is the space between the thumb and the index fingers. And this area always missed the moisturization process performed after every shower. 

It’s amazing how this spot is ultra heighlighted in my line of sight. I’m just like woah nigga. Take some cocoa butter. And the trick is using Palmers brand. Make sure you get it all over and in between your fingers. 


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