Bitch You Lazy!

OMFG. I’ve talked to you about my coworkers. And to be honest, I only hate a small fraction of them. 

I love the girls in the pharmacy. They’re so fucking nice and they see that I’m trying to learn. 

I pride myself on being a fast learner, especially when I really want to learn something. I realize that my peers don’t quite catch on as fast as I do. The reason for that is because they don’t want to ask for help or admit when they are wrong or are not sure of what to do.

I’m specifically talking about this new bitch Leah in the grocery department. She’s moving all kinds of slow and at first I was just like WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS HONKY HO? And then I realized…

When she gets a customer question or something the bitch will ask me for help but try and say she knows the answer. Once you pass a customer off to me, shut the fuck up and continue doing whatever the fuck you were.

So today, I saw her doing what she usually does, nothing. So I went to her with a tip. I actually made her job 100% easier. I dropped every single one of her boxes in front of where they go. Then for the boxes that go in the aisles, I got a marker and wrote where they go on the box and I told her to put said boxes in her cart and walk around. 

It still took her 3 hours to finish. I couldn’t believe it. I honestly think that she’s milking her time. She’s a part time associate who works 4 hours a day. It’s like a handicap having her on. 

I swear I really need to use everything I know and my brain to move up out of here. Eh. I’m getting dumber being around these dumb people. I swear. 


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