Get A Fucking Life

I usually post all my complaints about the world here because I don’t know anyone who reads this personally so here’s another one of my complaints (in real life, I’m not quite as angry as I am on my blog so simmer the fuck down.)

Anyway, I spend 5 days, 40 hours a week with people I can’t stand. I’d just rather spend this time with my family. Making up for all the hurt I’ve cause them in the past. But instead I’m here, around some of the fakest pieces of shit I have ever met. 

I usually just ignore the bullshit because well, I’m almost 27 and I’ve been out of high school for almost a decade now. Sometimes there’s just something that touches my nerve and I can’t help but become angry. 

I guess I understand that we have to be professional. But does being professional have anything to do with talking shit about each other behind backs. 

I haven’t been feeling well for the past month. But I’m dragging on. Forcing myself to work even though I can take the days off if I wanted to. I’m already super stressed out and just to have to listen to another one of these dumb crackers talk shit about one another is going to make me explode. 

I’m almost positive that these pieces of shit talk about me too. Do I honestly care though?, NO. But when I hear someone talk about something personal about someone else then pretend to be friends with this person I’m about ready to fucking explode. 

My old partner Jason has reveled himself to be one of those people. I just can’t trust his fucking ass.

I deleted him off my social media and I guess that really pissed him off because whenever I am out of work and sick, he looks at my facebook. That feeling of being spied on and talked about is not a good one. So I deleted his immature ass.

A grown man of 40. I guess he misses high school. I don’t give a fuck. Don’t bring your high school tendancies to fucking work you white trash loser. 

I can’t stand anyone here. Seriously. I’m trying, I just can’t. I want to go to Africa and get away from these white pieces of shit.

This is work. Not fucking Days of Our Lives. I understand some people don’t have enough drama in their lives so they gotta start some at work. Get a fucking life.

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