No More Uncut Niggas

In the past I’ve been a settler. Saying ok to anything. Only because I don’t like to do any work. Not really. 

I was sleeping with an uncut nigga once upon a time. I mean, his dick worked but esthetically, it wasn’t so pleasing. It looked… Painful. Also, the guy couldn’t do certain things (certain things that I liked) without a grimace and it became obvious that sex was painful for him.

It’s totally against my religion to not have a circumcision if you’re a male. And the reason for that is that it’s dirty having the foreskin. It’s also just not supposed to be there. But I didn’t mind really. I just continued to have sex with this person. Unprotected, which completely freaked me out.

My ride back home would consist of prayers to not contract anything.  *knock knock* I however, stayed clean. And I promised myself that I would never fuck another uncut nigga again. Atleast not one that looked like that. 

There are some uncut niggas that look normal once they’re hard and ready to bone. That one looked like it was in pain when it stood at attention. 

The head of the dick was too big to overcome the foreskin. And that causes me to ask, WHY THE FUCK DID HIS PARENTS NOT CIRCUMSIZE HIM? Did they not care enough? Is that part of their culture and religion? I honestly don’t think I’ll ever find out for sure.

I’ll just promise myself to never get involved with a ding-a-ling like that again.


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