Working On It

So I talked to Chris the pharmacist today and he talked to me about permanently going into pharmacy and trying to get my certification before the company merger and all that good stuff.

He says in the little time I’ve worked pharmacy that I’ve picked a lot of things up and after the winter time I should be getting Melissa’s hours who is leaving for a vetenary job.

I’ve been studying a lot and learning about the different meds but of course I want to know everything before I spend $130 taking the test. 

I got hit on by another white boy. He’s a wigger though. And my ex heroin dealer. Lol he was really tryna get my number. I took his instead. Not tryna dim my bright future. 

I’ve noticed that in grocery, I’m the only person that can do all the jobs. CoWorkers have noticed too and they tell me to demand a big raise next year. Eh, this is ok but I need to be certified to make more money.  

I’m working on it.

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