Bitch You Lazy!

OMFG. I’ve talked to you about my coworkers. And to be honest, I only hate a small fraction of them. 

I love the girls in the pharmacy. They’re so fucking nice and they see that I’m trying to learn. 

I pride myself on being a fast learner, especially when I really want to learn something. I realize that my peers don’t quite catch on as fast as I do. The reason for that is because they don’t want to ask for help or admit when they are wrong or are not sure of what to do.

I’m specifically talking about this new bitch Leah in the grocery department. She’s moving all kinds of slow and at first I was just like WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS HONKY HO? And then I realized…

When she gets a customer question or something the bitch will ask me for help but try and say she knows the answer. Once you pass a customer off to me, shut the fuck up and continue doing whatever the fuck you were.

So today, I saw her doing what she usually does, nothing. So I went to her with a tip. I actually made her job 100% easier. I dropped every single one of her boxes in front of where they go. Then for the boxes that go in the aisles, I got a marker and wrote where they go on the box and I told her to put said boxes in her cart and walk around. 

It still took her 3 hours to finish. I couldn’t believe it. I honestly think that she’s milking her time. She’s a part time associate who works 4 hours a day. It’s like a handicap having her on. 

I swear I really need to use everything I know and my brain to move up out of here. Eh. I’m getting dumber being around these dumb people. I swear. 


Get A Fucking Life

I usually post all my complaints about the world here because I don’t know anyone who reads this personally so here’s another one of my complaints (in real life, I’m not quite as angry as I am on my blog so simmer the fuck down.)

Anyway, I spend 5 days, 40 hours a week with people I can’t stand. I’d just rather spend this time with my family. Making up for all the hurt I’ve cause them in the past. But instead I’m here, around some of the fakest pieces of shit I have ever met. 

I usually just ignore the bullshit because well, I’m almost 27 and I’ve been out of high school for almost a decade now. Sometimes there’s just something that touches my nerve and I can’t help but become angry. 

I guess I understand that we have to be professional. But does being professional have anything to do with talking shit about each other behind backs. 

I haven’t been feeling well for the past month. But I’m dragging on. Forcing myself to work even though I can take the days off if I wanted to. I’m already super stressed out and just to have to listen to another one of these dumb crackers talk shit about one another is going to make me explode. 

I’m almost positive that these pieces of shit talk about me too. Do I honestly care though?, NO. But when I hear someone talk about something personal about someone else then pretend to be friends with this person I’m about ready to fucking explode. 

My old partner Jason has reveled himself to be one of those people. I just can’t trust his fucking ass.

I deleted him off my social media and I guess that really pissed him off because whenever I am out of work and sick, he looks at my facebook. That feeling of being spied on and talked about is not a good one. So I deleted his immature ass.

A grown man of 40. I guess he misses high school. I don’t give a fuck. Don’t bring your high school tendancies to fucking work you white trash loser. 

I can’t stand anyone here. Seriously. I’m trying, I just can’t. I want to go to Africa and get away from these white pieces of shit.

This is work. Not fucking Days of Our Lives. I understand some people don’t have enough drama in their lives so they gotta start some at work. Get a fucking life.


I swear, we have the same ideology.

I mean, maybe he doesn’t HATE white people. He just realizes what white people do to us. How they were raised to look at us and how this shit isn’t going to change.

I hate white people because I have no power over what they do to me and my people. I’m just stuck and the only power I have is to hate. So maybe once I have a little more power I won’t be as angry. But I am angry and will be until shit changes.

So yeah, fuck white people. Love Childish Gambino.

Here’s A Tip: #9 Watch Your Words

Here’s A Tip:

I understand as an older man, you’re always looking for a young lady to make you feel attractive. In saying that, I must mind you to watch your words when you are talking to said young lady.

Things like “When I first saw you, I thought you were a lot younger than you are. I thought damn, she’s too young”

How young did you think I was and why were you looking at me as someone to try to get with even though you thought I was young? That is creepy and that scared me a little. TOO YOUNG FOR WHAT EXACTLY?!


My Family

My family is all like “Fuck yeah Fatima, we’re glad you’re not fucking around with those white boys anymore and I’m all regretting all the time I wasted and things I did with them dirty white boys. 

I had a dude with weird foreskin who worked it ok with a grimace. Then after that a hippie dude who had no idea how to use it. And my ex. Poor guy, he fell too deeply. 

Now I’m like not into the white guys. Nor the black guys either. I’d rather just get someone their papers. I don’t fucking know.

My luck is bad and it’s just going to continue if I continue going against my race. No more.

Here’s A Tip: #95 How To Get A Girl To Concider You

Here’s A Tip:

Confidence is everything to the female race and a female like me can get really turned off by a guy who puts themselves down and says things to make themselves look more badass.

Example: I showed a conversation on this blog where I was talking to this guy about dating and what I look for. I said something about how I promised myself that I wouldn’t date any white boys next year, he says “I guess I shouldn’t ask you out then right” or something to that effect. Then I said “not unless you want to be friends” this is where the guy went wrong and you should all take notes…

He says that it’s obvious you’re not into me. I’ve known that for a long time. And honestly, what I was looking for was for him to say “sure why not” or something. I didn’t say I couldn’t like him but I also feel as if men just want your body and not your friendship. 

So he’s now dead in the water. Someone attached a center block to him and threw him in the ocean actually.

Take the lesson, if you want to do a girl it’s probably better if you’re alright with being friends. If you’re looking for a girl who doesn’t want a friendly relationship, you’re looking for a slut and that is not me.


I Want To

Hang with you, but I can’t. Every Time I guy hits me up and wants to hang, I say yes but I never end up going through with it. I just don’t think I can right now. I’m not in a good place. 

Maybe if I could actually see the D prior to anything having to go down… Nah, I’m playing. I’m just stressed out with everything and getting a big black cock inserted into my tiny orfase is not anything I feel the need for right now I guess. 

Once my car is on the road, I’ll fuck whoever.

I’m So Sick

I’m so sick of hearing that I am a racist. Like hello, bitch ass nigga, black people CANNOT be racist. Especially after you look at the definition of the word “racist”.

The part about the domination is not part of my beliefs. Neither is it part of other blacks who dislike white people. However, white racists feel they should dominate colored people. And they do dominate colored people if they are given the chance to. White people love that shit. They love having that “power”.  Even if indirectly.

I see this in what’s going on in Chiraq. (Chicago) So many unsolved murders of blacks (because we’re killing each other) . Wait until one of the evil black people accidently kills one of their white asses. There would be hell to pay. 

So I DO NOT want to hear a fucking peep from you white mother fuckers anymore. You’re always the victim. And when a black person is angry and says something all of a sudden we’re pulling the fucking race card.

I need to get away from you people. I seriously do. I just can’t fucking do it. Act like everything is ok and kiss ass. Nah. Fuck that shit. 

We need to be better. We need to learn our worth and not let it be so easy for them to pit us against one another. 


No More Uncut Niggas

In the past I’ve been a settler. Saying ok to anything. Only because I don’t like to do any work. Not really. 

I was sleeping with an uncut nigga once upon a time. I mean, his dick worked but esthetically, it wasn’t so pleasing. It looked… Painful. Also, the guy couldn’t do certain things (certain things that I liked) without a grimace and it became obvious that sex was painful for him.

It’s totally against my religion to not have a circumcision if you’re a male. And the reason for that is that it’s dirty having the foreskin. It’s also just not supposed to be there. But I didn’t mind really. I just continued to have sex with this person. Unprotected, which completely freaked me out.

My ride back home would consist of prayers to not contract anything.  *knock knock* I however, stayed clean. And I promised myself that I would never fuck another uncut nigga again. Atleast not one that looked like that. 

There are some uncut niggas that look normal once they’re hard and ready to bone. That one looked like it was in pain when it stood at attention. 

The head of the dick was too big to overcome the foreskin. And that causes me to ask, WHY THE FUCK DID HIS PARENTS NOT CIRCUMSIZE HIM? Did they not care enough? Is that part of their culture and religion? I honestly don’t think I’ll ever find out for sure.

I’ll just promise myself to never get involved with a ding-a-ling like that again.



According to my endocrinologist, My thyroid is working fine and I’m just taking too much insulin. So he cut it down and I’ll see him again in a month.

I’m completely stressed out so that might be why I’m having symptoms.

whatev. I’m glad I’m ok.

Woah, Way For my Dramatic Last Post…

I’m not dying, yet…but the doctor did have a smart explanation for what he “thinks” is going on. So it’s making me feel a little more easy. I still haven’t officially slept. But the doctor was wrong and I was right. 

My thyroid is fucking up. And now I have to wait…

I’m afraid of gaining weight. Because this will cause my metabolism to slow down. I’ll have to start eating 6 small meals.

As if I weren’t different from everyone else already.

My periods have been coming late for this reason. And I’m mother fucking stressed the fuck out. I’ve been cursing niggas out at work and being regular bitch ass me. Times 50.

Just when I thought everything was coming together. Phat chance.

I’ve Had This Ridiculous Change Happen to Me.

All of a sudden, my sugars have been falling drastically to the point where I won’t wake up. This has happened :3 times already. My family keeps telling me I need to eat. So the past 2 nights I haven’t even slept. 

This morning my blood sugar bottomed twice. Now it’s ok because I ate the biggest bag of jellybeans. Either I’m making insulin or its my thyroid. I’ve thought it was the latter for a while now. 

Now my mood, my everything is changing. I can’t even remember shit. I just feel horrible. I almost died. I hope the doctor can find out what is wrong. If not, I really be dead by 27 and by no choice of my own.

Über Anti Social

Since I’ve decided that in my free time I’d rather not have to see or be around any white people, I’ve become way more anti social. Not that I wasn’t already but in my own avoidance of any hate crimes that could possibly committed against me, I’m staying away from the snakes which is basically 85% of the people I live around.

I’m giving myself at most another year. If December 2016 I’m here still with these dirtbags, kill me. In fact, I’ll do it myself.

I understand that I won’t escape them all, unless I go back to Africa which is my ultimate goal.


Working On It

So I talked to Chris the pharmacist today and he talked to me about permanently going into pharmacy and trying to get my certification before the company merger and all that good stuff.

He says in the little time I’ve worked pharmacy that I’ve picked a lot of things up and after the winter time I should be getting Melissa’s hours who is leaving for a vetenary job.

I’ve been studying a lot and learning about the different meds but of course I want to know everything before I spend $130 taking the test. 

I got hit on by another white boy. He’s a wigger though. And my ex heroin dealer. Lol he was really tryna get my number. I took his instead. Not tryna dim my bright future. 

I’ve noticed that in grocery, I’m the only person that can do all the jobs. CoWorkers have noticed too and they tell me to demand a big raise next year. Eh, this is ok but I need to be certified to make more money.  

I’m working on it.


A common white boy phrase that I hear from common white boys is that “I’m not your common white boy.”

That phrase is said just so I corrupt my body and sleep with a dirty white boy again and I just flat refuse. I’ll never have sex again before I sleep with one of you nasty flea bag crackers again.

Black power!