Here’s A Tip: #235 Defeating The Question Mark Text with The Read Receipt¬†

If my ex and I are texting, I must have the read receipt on or he will continue to send a question mark.

I guess the read receipt is a swerve tactic. It’s also an insecurity tactic. Like: BITCH I NEED TO KNOW WHEN YOUVE READ IT OR IM GONNA KILL YOU WITH THE



hey ?

hello ?



Baby I love you.

Please stop ignoring me…


Bye my love.
Then it’s like fuck…  now I can actually respond… I wonder what this nigga said… oh shit.. 12 messages? WTF! omg…

and then you see those particular messages.

Just use the read receipt when it’s needed. Don’t use it as a tactic. Use it when your boyfriend is bothersome. He just might stop after he’s seen the read receipt.

Gastric Bypass 

For the morbidly obese, I see Gastric Bypass as a good thing… I guess. But is it getting down to the root of the issue.

If you can’t help but gorge your face with all the food this holiday, will putting a band around your stomach really help you… Like for real? I don’t think of the surgery as one that’s for cosmetics. It could help a lot but if your doctor can’t get you to admit the root cause of why you’ve gotten that large, you’ll bust through the lapband and end up right where you started. 

I have a coworker that’s a really heavy girl and she eats a lot and kinda gives off the proud and fat vibe. It’s obvious that she wants to change. She’s getting a bypass surgery now. 
She still eats out of control. Is the surgery supposed to physically curb her hunger? Or can it cause more issues if she decides to eat her face off. God, who knows? I just think that something like that is a way out there thing to do to lose weight. But it’s the only option sometimes.