If You’ve Had a Bunch 

Lets say you’re a serial monogamist who’s had a bunch of long term relationships that have never worked. You’re obviously doing something wrong.

Now, I can’t say that I know absolutely everyone with this problem but I know a few to many who have the same problem.

And for me, looking from the outside I see a lot of devious things. Like a huge change. You go through a big change and all of a sudden you’re in a new relationship. It causes me to question what you actually liked about that person to begin with. 

Why your shit doesn’t work out for the long hawl: You think you actually know who you are but you don’t. You have weird skeletons in your closet and your constantly not all the way truthful.

You can’t continue to incorporate another person if you really don’t even know yourself. There isn’t a date when this shall happen. It just does.. But… You can’t  be with someone and expect them to grow with you if you don’t even know your damn self. Cause you won’t grow. Then what?

Plus, if you want someone to accept all your defects, you must be accepting of theres. Most serial monogamists have something they aren’t very comfortable with. (Foreskin, a rash near their asshole, three titties) and this is why everything turns into a relationship. Because someone accepts your faults?

Um, how are you able to live life? Think about it. Also it helps tremendously if you tell the truth. Even about small things. (All the small things.)

Lying is not cute, gurlllll. You turn a nigga off that way, gurl.

This isn’t fucking rocket science. Just change your ways. And stop blaming others on the faults of your own. You’re the one who needs to change.