Dear Rocco (Part II),

I see your feelings are hurt because I take my position in the pharmacy more seriously than I see the position I had in your grocery department.

As you can see, I take it seriously because I don’t want to grow old and become you. A bitter old person that uses others to work while your fat ass is talking shit about other people who are just trying to grow. 

Bitch, you’re lucky I’m trying to be the new Fatima. You’re lucky that I don’t hold hate in my heart. Because I will slap you with the 42 totes you think I can do in 4 hours. Now, you see no one wants to work with you. Everyone’s running away from you.

I wonder why. I was so depressed when I had to work with you because I thought you liked me but all you did was use me. So go fucking yourself you fat Ginny asshole.

Your head is looking extra shiny today.


The number one pharmaceutical bitch. 

P.S. Suck my proverbial dick, bitch.