An Ass Lesson

Nowadays I’m seeing an emphasis on a chicks ass. Especially in hip hop culture. Bigger Asses have become more prevalent as well.

Now not everyone has $5,000 to spend on their booty but a large portion of women are uncomfortable with their booty so let me give a little lesson.

There are 4 ass shapes and no two asses are the same. There are: 

Square – “H” shape

Round – “C” or “O” shape

Heart/pear – “A” shape

Inverted – “V” shape

And of course the A shape is the one everyone is paying money to get. I have a natural A shape which makes it easier to stay natural.

Basically, here’s my tip for women with a natural A:

A high Protien diet. I drink a lot of shakes and nuts and different kinds of nut butter.

Excersizes, squats, donkey kicks. I do about 20 to 30 every night but you can go at your own pace. 

To the women with the “O” shape, these tips can help you too. Now, the rest of you, you can do a thousand squats a night but nothing’s really going to change. I would never recommend cosmetic surgery but those injections will fuck you up. If you’re going to do ANYTHING, go under the knife and do not opt for injections. 

It may add a quick volume fix but at the end of the day… Maybe even 5 years down the line, you will regret it.