Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine going to see your favorite band in concert and ending up being ambushed, held hostage or ultimately killed by random terrorists?

Well that is exactly what happened in Paris last night. 

A band called Eagles of Death Metal (a band usually fronted by popular lead man Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age)  was playing a show in Paris last night (Josh Homme was t touring with them at this time) and that is exactly what happened.

It freaked me the fuck out. Only because it could’ve easily happened to me. (I go out to see live music sometimes) and the randomness of it just boggles my mind. And I always wonder why the fuck I’m so hypervigilant… This day and age, young peoe are t dying of natural causes. We’re dying of out-of-the-blue bullshit that causes me to feel more fear. Even being afraid of stepping out of the front door. Because you really never know sometimes, it can be you last day. The last thing you do, enjoying a concert you’ve probably been so excited for and all you want is to have a little fun. 

The night goes from 180 to 0 in a moment. I just can’t help but feel the fear these people felt. Probably divided by 1,000. It’s fucking crazy.

Americans open their fucking mouth and say “Well, that’s because they allowed Syrian Refugees into the country. Once again… the way the minds of these people who really believe that (most predominantly white). White people have YET to prove me wrong. I swear, a 30% show of non-xenophobic, non-racist white americans would prove me wrong and I would start believing in white humanity again.

For now, I still feel the way I’ve been saying I’ve felt and I have NO hope for anything to change (to reiterate.)

I’m Doing Well

im doing well in Pharmacy. I’m actually excited about all the things I’m learning and am able to do.

Chris seems to like me. Although you never really know. He jokes around with me now and it’s not as tense. 

I used to hate coming to work. But I’m pretty excited now everyday I’m here. Super weird. 

Chris wants me to take the test so he may see something in me. I don’t know. But I like being in the pharmacy.