Here’s A Tip: #17 No Regrets

Here’s A Tip:

I understand that it’s hard times when a girl puts you in the friend zone and you really can’t deal with it. I mean, if you did nothing to subject yourself to that characterization, then this bitch is doing you dirty.

But… Think about it from her perspective. What have you done to make this characterization real in her eyes? Have you allowed your pussyfooting and shyness to make you truly look like a pussy? Have you no game? 

I can’t speak for ALL women since I can say that I’m not really like them nor do I think the way that they do, but… I know what girls want. (I know what girllllssss liiiikkkeee) and basically here it is: WE DONT WANT NO PUSSYFOOTING ASS NIGGA.

If you want this bitch, don’t sit in your room hoping she’ll come to you because she won’t. Girls like assurance and they like to know that this guy wants her. If only a tad bit.

When you wait for a random moment to make an awkward comment that you never really made an inkling of, you’re killing yourself in her eyes. Plus she might tell her friends how much of a doofus you are. 


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