So I work with his kid and his father. It’s a well known fact that the kid is adopted and whatever. I’m sure he knows he’s adopted. NBD, right. 

I’m nice to everyone but this kid is weird. Ok so in my store we all kinda talk out loud to ourselves but usually we’re talking to the products like “fuck you hidden valley”. On a few separate occasions, I’ve overheard this kid speaking outloud but saying random shit.

Like today we were talking about me going back and fourth between the two departments and we stop talking and he says “I don’t want to see a picture of your grandmother”

Ummmmm… Wtf. He might have slight disordered schizophrenia. Since mental health issues is a thing with adoptees. Jesus. 


So I’ve been hearing a little about this, here and there. This kid, Bobby Shmurda (Real name Ackquille Pollard) became a Youtube sensation earlier last year with the song “Hot Nigga” and I actually liked the song. The beats are dope. He was signed to a $2 Million deal to Epic Records.

December 2014, he gets ran up on by the New York City cops in a Manhattan recording studio. Him and his crew, GS9 (G Stone Crips) get caught with something like 21 guns and drugs packaged for sale. I thought, what a bunch of fucking idiots. But then I read into it some more.

I guess these niggas were being watched by the cops for two years. Wiretaps and everything. The cops when they ran up on Bobby and the rest of GS9 were commenting to the recording studio people saying shit like “How can you help people like this be famous. I’ll be damned if my children listen to his music.” To me, that seems like this cop really had a hard on for Bobby and really wanted to get him popped.

On top of the weapon charges, Bobby and the crew have been indicted on several charges weighing from Attempted murder and conspiracy. Now, I’m not sure really what evidence they have on GS9 but I think the cops were really upset that this kid was getting money and doing his thing in the music business, so they took him down.

They put him on a$2 million bail and his bail has been denied time and time again. Wow. I don’t really think this kid is going to go buck and commit more crimes. He’s not that stupid. They don’t even do this to murderers. It’s because he has a little fame.

Don’t get me wrong, maybe he’s a criminal. But this is another instance of the white man trying to keep a young black man down. I’m in the process of reading the indictment. But I’m totally on Bobby’s side. I HATE WHITE PEOPLE.

Edit: Still reading through the indictment. Seems like all they have on him is the guns. The Conspiracy and attempted murder shit… It really doesn’t seem like they have evidence. FREE BOBBY!