One Thing About November 

There’s one thing about November that makes me cum a million times in my pants and causes rivers of vaginal milk to pour all over my universe….


And guess what, the pharmacist said he was not shaving this month so trust me, my panties will get wet this fall. 

I Differenciate

I’m in observer mode in the pharmacy right now. I mean, I’m joining a team where these girls have been together for almost two years so it’s kind of a clique. They work together all day, sit together at lunch… I don’t know.

Everyone knows I take my lunch and breaks alone. I can’t sit in the break room and the only clique I’m joining is Fati’s club.

I feel as if maybe they think I’m quiet and a lone wolf. I’m definately not quiet but I am a lone wolf.

I’m so focused, I don’t have time for all the chit chat. I’m trying to learn. 

But these girls are very nice. And super understanding. I’m inputting alone today. My second day. I’m making less mistakes and hopefully by the end of this month, I’ll have my shit down pat, nigga.


Here’s A Tip: #89 Don’t Bother If You Don’t Get An Answer 

Here’s a tip:

If you’re ok with just a text message/ web relationship with someone then this should come clear to you…

Human beings were made for social interaction. I admit, I can be a hermit at times but I know that sometimes a line needs to be drawn on how far my hermit ways go. I have a bunch of friends that I text and don’t really hang out with but right now at this point in my life, if you’re not going to leave your hole and come interact in real life, I’ll only talk to you when I’m bored and those times are few and far between now.

And to the flakey ones who continue to try… Like you’ve already shown yourself to be a flake. Just quit it. 

So you might be ok with the whole “OMG LETS TEXT” conversation but I think that shits very middle schoolish. So if you text or try and talk to me on the internets more than 5 times without a response, consider yourself ignored. And you should just stop.

There are folks who just keep going on and finally they’re having a conversation with themselves that I am unfortunately privy to.

Just stop. It’s done.