Here’s A Tip: #266 I’m Just Tryna Smoke My Weed (Leave My Bowl Alone)

Here’s A Tip:

Black people always look at me like “Bitch, why are you smoking a bowl?” Um, Nigga, I’m just tryna smoke my weed. You may be gangster and have $2 and enough weed to waste on a dutch but I don’t. I have to make $40 worth of weed last me two weeks. So if you can’t smoke a bowl, then don’t smoke. Nigga I’m smoking YOU up. Bring your fucking paper and put $5 on it.

Here’s the rules:

1-2 people on it: use a pipe or bong

< 2: blunt or joint 

The thing I love the most is people who don’t know how to roll but want you to roll a blunt. Way too much work, my nigga.


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