A New Thang Thang: Bass Drum of Death


Ok, first of all, I will say right now that I will fuck the mother shit out of the one on the left. Like he is beautiful.

Anyway, Bass Drum of Death came to me as a recommendation on Last.fm. Fans of Wavves, Fidlar & Ty Segall. So of course I’m going to check them out. I read a little about them, Two dudes from Oxford, Mississippi (I always spell M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I out loud). Guitar Player and drummer. God I love them two man bands. They make me cum.

 So I tried looking and all I could find was their sophomore self-titled. I listened to it all the way through every time I listened. It’s a true garage album. Tracks: I Wanna Be Forgotten, Shattered Me, Crawling After You

After a few listens, I searched more of their shit. I saw that they played Baby’s All right in September and I was hoping they’d come back soon. That show would be so fun. A lot of pits and croud surfing to be had. If the venue allows.

GB City is their best album. So many fun surfy songs. It’s a little more melodic than their later two albums. The drums kick so much fucking ass. Tracks: GB City, Get Found, Heart Attack Kid

They released their third album in 2014 and it’s called Rip This. It’s not as bad as all the eltists say but it definitely is not as good as the self titled or GB City. Tracks: Left For Dead, For Blood, Black Don’t Glow

So, if you’re going to take my recommendation and listen to Bass Drum of Death: Be ready for some Lo-fi, listen to the albums in the order that they were created (GB City first), Appreciate music made in a garage.

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