PitchSpoonin’ with Wavves – V

I’m going to stop doing album reviews or maybe not do them so quickly. 

It takes time for things to grow on or off me. And listening 1-5 times can’t encompass the whole picture.

Now, since saying that, this new wavves album has completely fell off my playlist. Since seeing wavves, I’ve listened to it here and always end up not as satisfied as  I was with Afraid of Heights. 

It’s a little whiny. And a little bit of a backward step but I als think that when the cd leaked and I was super excited to see them, I gave them a few point pass.

My skills aren’t exactly pitchfork, obviously. But I still think it’s incredibly catchy. Especially the first 5 tracks. 

I wish I had more. And I have a message to Nathan, don’t try and take on so much. I think that’s the reason why I, as a fan of Afraid of Heights and King of the Beach feels so incomplete with this new album/

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