I’m Super Broke

Yesterday I was dying at work but still in an ok mood and this older gay gentleman who was drunk as fuck came up to me screaming about how he loved my face. 

We started talking about America’s Next Top Model and stupid gay shit and he starts talking about himself. he told me that he was an alcoholic. I gave him friendly advice that he should stop if he wants to keep looking “as young” as he does. I totally white lies and told him he looked 45.

Well today I saw him walking his dog by the bank and he asked me to bum him a cigarette. Usually, I never do this. Even if I have. Whole carton sitting in my fridge (Which I absolutely don’t) but I gave him one. I can put myself in what he’s trying not to feel by getting so plastared prior to going grocery shopping. Plus, he’s not trying to be a leech and asking for money to continue his drinking habit. He’s just tryna chill.

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