Cleaning Out My Musical Closet

I do this a lot. Go through all my music and delete shit that I’m not going to listen to so I can add more shit. And that gives me a chance to rediscover things.

Recently Added:

Beach Fossils – What A Pleasure EP, Beach Fossils
Darwin Deez – Darwin Deez, Songs For Imaginative People
Cymbals Eat Guitars – Lose, Why There Are Mountains
Small Black – Small Black EP
Love – Forever Changes
Allah-Las – Allah-Las, Worship The Sun
The Brian Jonestown Massacre -Bravery, Repetition, Noise, Methodrone, Strung Out In Heaven, Thank God For Mental Illness
Pond – Hobo Rocket
Dirty Three – Whatever You Love, You Are
Math And Physics Club – Weekends Away EP
Jacuzzi Boys – Jacuzzi Boys, Glazin’
Arctic Monkeys – Whatever You Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not

Recently Listened:
Black Lips – Good Bad Not Evil, Underneath The Rainbow, DIIV – Oshin, Twin Peaks – Sunken, Fuzz – Fuzz

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